5 Most Popular Destinations to Visit In China

China is popularly called the gateway of East Asia. The country is popular for gifting various items to the world like noodles, gunpowder and many more. Visitors to China will like to visit the popular and bustling cities. The country includes a vast territory and has so much to explore. The country treasures relics from the pages of history and also is a storehouse of various modern inventions. The visitors here enjoy the vacation and visit places that are of real wonder. The beauty of nature, the busy capital and a host of other destinations to visit makes this particular country an ideal touring option for avid travellers.

Popular Places to Visit in China:

Beijing, the capital city is rich in history. This city is serving as the capital of china for over 700 years. The Forbidden City and temple of Heaven are the popular destinations that visitors visit while on they are on a Luxury China Tour. Following are few places that one visits while in China:

  • Great Wall of China:

This is believed to be the largest man-made a structure of the world built and increased by different dynasties. The wall was erected to basically protect the country from the attacks from The North. The wall is divided into various sections and the various sections of the wall are in ruins these days. There are several sections that people find interesting to visit for example Badaling. This section is closer to Beijing and can be climbed and accessed easily. The wall is 8800 km or 5500 miles long.

  • Suzhou:

This is famous for the water town and traditional Chinese gardens like the Humble Administrator’s garden. This place is a perfect blend of breathtaking natural beauty and finest man made creations. The water towns showcase the ancient villages with the wooden houses lined along the canals arched stone bridges and also people with bamboo hats.

  • Shanghai:

This is the largest city and the most developed one. It is located at the mouth of Yangtze River. Shopping malls and skyscrapers are the basic attraction of the tourist interested in visiting China. This city is the busiest and popular business center. The popular riverfront called Bund, along Huangpu River is a place to take a stroll in the evening and enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

  • Chengdu:

This is the hometown of the giant pandas. These creatures are found in different zoos like the Shanghai zoo. The best place to see them is Chengdu. This place is also popular for Sichuan Food.

  • Xi’an:

This was once the ancient capital of China. A number of precious relics and historical sites are the highlights of the region. The terracotta army and two Buddhist pagodas are places to visit in Xi’an. This is also the starting point of Silk Route.

Apart from all these places there are other popular destinations to be visited in the country. A Luxury China Tour will also include a journey to Hong-Kong, the most famous commercial centers with highest population density. The mountain views and beaches are a major attraction of the place.